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TH Itsukawa, Olivia [Revamp] by nenenin TH Itsukawa, Olivia [Revamp] by nenenin
Name: Itsukawa, Olivia "Livia"

Nickname: Livia, Livi, Oli(bro only) 

Gender: Female

DOB: 25/01

Age: 18

Height: cm

Grade: Third year

Dormitory: Sakuramachi



Music; Visual, K-POP.
Spicy Foods
Artificial Flowers
Pomegranate frozen yogurt
Bubble tea
Macaroons (pistachio ♥️)


Dark places
Punctuation (commas are the devil )
My little pony(s)
Spam Mail
Fancy Duct Tape
Hot summer days 


Olivia was taught how to be a soft spoken, in control, graceful young woman; everything that is expected of the daughter of a well respected man. Yet once you see past that false persona you get to know who Livia really is.

She is the type of girl who can't grow a flower to save her life, is awake way passed midnight reading manga or "romance" novels, enjoys to sit in front of her computer playing (or chatting) online while one hand reaches for the second bag of Doritos. Can never seem to have perfect hair no matter how hard she tries, is always on the rush even if she is early. 
She enjoys a good Zombie film, plus it teaches her a thing or two if shit does hit the fan one day and the world is over run by flesh eating buggers. 
She is easily annoyed when you mock her bias or just ask stupid questions. Olivia tries to be nice with everyone, maybe even become friends(?), but she won't hesitate to D.I.P. If things are headed south. 
Love is a sour subject. Don't get her wrong she is always going to be a hopeless romantic but when it come to her own love life, she likes to be realistic. 

She can be stubborn, annoying, possessive, caring, funny, even ridiculously serious but whether you hater her or love her, she wears her heart on her sleeve. You just have to look really close to see it. 


[Will Edit SOON]

Livia spent most of her childhood hiding from the cold glare of her mother, waiting on her Papa to come back from his trip and enjoying her time with Aki-nii.
However things did not start out so "smoothly". Livia is the adopted daughter of Shigeo & Désiré Itsukawa. Shigeo adopted her when she was five years old, (unbeknownst to Desire)
having spent one full year in the orphanage after an accident claimed the lives of her parents. At first she was very reserved, hardly talking to anyone and breaking out in tears when no one was around.
However, she always managed to put on a smile for Shigeo, grateful that her new papa had chosen her. 

Then one day her new mother and brother returned home after visiting family in Europe and Shigeo presented the girl as the new member of the family,
news that her “mother” did not take very gracefully; making the insecure girl feel worse. On the other hand not everyone showed the same attitude.
Her brother, Akihiko, found the idea of having a younger sister fascinating and after a long process, managed to make her feel a little less unwanted.

Time continued and Livia ultimately opened up to her family, truly loving them as if they had been her real parents from the start. Because her family was so well off, she enjoyed a life of commodity, something that her mother never seemed to cease to remind her of. Before her brother left to study abroad he urged Livia into transferring to Tachikawa; Livia having attended an all-girl academy for most of her academic life. He believed it would do her well to socialize with people from different backgrounds. And so upon request of her brother and no argument from their mother, Livia enrolled, already in her third year, in Tachikawa Gakuen.

Additional Info: 
- Believes legends and superstitions.
- Loves Astronomy & Astrology
- Is a HUGE soccer fan. (Hardcore, man. Was on the soccer team at one point)
- Obsessed with Zombies and weapons
- Allergic to cats 
- Terrible eye sight


❝Hot guys are either: taken, dicks, or gay. ❞
❝Let us do something go kill some zombies?❞
❝Aki-nii warned me of people like you.❞

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